Making your Walter Bat Last

I know it sucks... but wooden bats will break from time to time. First of all, Walter Bats’ wood billets are carefully inspected before being put into production so we can ensure that quality is at the forefront of our bats. Although the quality of our wood makes our bats extremely durable, there are other factors that may go into turning a beautiful wood bat into firewood. Knowing how to swing and treat a wooden bat can greatly reduce the chances of having your bat break. We’re going to give you some advice to make sure your bat lasts the test of time.

Make sure the Walter Bat Company logo is staring into your soul.

Wooden bat companies tend to place their logo on the weakest part of the barrel to allow hitters to know where they shouldn’t strike the ball. Hitting with the label up or down means keeping the company logo either facing the sky or the ground when in mid-swing so you are striking the ball on the sweet spot. To ensure this happens during a swing, simply look the Walter Bat Co. logo right in its eyes and make sure that the logo is facing you before getting into your stance.

Watch out for those damn inside and outside pitches!

Pitchers are always looking to ruin a hitter’s day. From pushing pitches inside towards your body to getting you to lean and stretch for something outside. Wooden bats get weaker as you get to the two ends of the bat, the handle and the tip of the barrel. Getting jammed inside or doinking a ball off the tip of the barrel will greatly increase the chances of breaking your bat. It’s important to stay disciplined when hitting with wood because you obviously want to make contact with the sweet spot and limit how many broken bats you rack up. Plate discipline is an excellent skill to master anyhow but breaking a bat can be an extra motivator for all you hitters out there. 

Your bat is your baby, treat it accordingly.

Lastly, treating your bat with the utmost care will decrease the chances of it turning into firewood. Don’t leave your bat outside in the elements when you’re not using it. Make sure you keep it in a dry climate-controlled area. The last thing you want is for your gorgeous, handcrafted Walter Bat to perish because you didn’t treat it right!

If you take all of this into account, your Walter Bat will stand the test of time as they are made with the highest quality of wood. Owning a wood bat (unlike a metal bat) comes with responsibility. If done right, a wood bat will become your go-to choice when playing baseball and will even make you a more all-around hitter when you go to swing a metal bat again. 

Happy Hitting!