We're Crafty.

Walter Bat Company’s success is a credit to our highly skilled wood turning and finishing craftspeople. They handcraft every bat, bringing it to life with a skillset, knowledge base and artistry that combines wood grading across multiple tree species, wood turning, hand sanding and hand finishing.

Walter Bat uses modern technology every day, but it is the intangible feedback of actually touching and inspecting the product that the customer will ultimately receive that makes the difference. This creates pride and ownership in our work. Each craftsperson maintains exacting precision through the use of time-learned tricks of the trade in each step of the process. These techniques involve tactile feedback and visual cues that surpasses technology. 

Each craftsperson is unique, and it is these differences that combine to form the broad base of skills and viewpoints upon which Walter Bat Company rests. This diversity helps fill the gaps that any one person alone might have and this can be seen in the quality and finish of every bat that Walter Bats produces.